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Virtual MOU Signing between BulSU and Philippine Army [ESO]

The 1st Virtual MOU Signing by Bulacan State University Together with the Philippine Army, September 20, 2020.

DATE: September 27,2020


PROGRAM/CONFERENCE: Virtual MOU Signing between  BulSU and 48th Infantry {GUARDIANS} Battalion, 7th Infantry {KAUGNAY} Division Phil. Army and 304th Bulacan Ready Reserve Infantry Battalion{304RRIBN}

  • MOU Virtual signing started at exactly 10:00 in the morning, hosted by DR. Keno C. Piad, Dean, College of Industrial Technology.
  • Dean Keno welcomed the participants in witnessing the first virtual MOU signing ceremony between the BulSU thru the College of Industrial Technology as the delivery unit and the Philippine Army.
  • Dean Keno said that because of the COVID19 Pandemic we begin in a new normal set up of life particularly in the sector of education. Despite many challenges brought of the pandemic the University continuously delivering its vision for globally recognized in excellent instruction, pioneering research, and responsive community engagement.
  • DR. Teody C. San Andres, Executive Vice President BSU delivered his opening remarks. He said that the BSU was very grateful because of the new partnership with the 48th  IB,7th IB, and 304th Bulacan Reserve Infantry Battalion{304RRIBN}. He extended his gratitude for choosing BSU as a strong partnership for country service that would contribute to the personal growth of comrade, Phil. army. He was hoping that the university could deliver and meet the expectation of Phil. Army by providing skills and training such as Basic Automotive, Electrical, Ref and Aircon, Drafting, Computer, Foods, and Welding Tech.
  • He also added that the teaching force in the CIT headed by Dean Keno is well equipped and very knowledgable with that technical skills. He was guaranteed that they would deliver quality service to make the partnership a success.
  • Due to the internet problems in their location{DRT} LTC  Felix Valdez, Commanding Officer was not able to deliver his message.
  • Same with LTC Alberto Valenzuela due to poor internet signal in their location he was not able to deliver his message and gave his introduction of GOHAS.
  • DR. Cecilia S. Navasero Gascon, University President delivered her message. President Gascon said that BSU has always been committed to providing excellent service not just in terms of instruction and research but also in the field of community engagement. She was mentioned that this the fortune time to be in service to Phil. Army by rendering an assistant in teaching technical skills education.
  • She has also welcomed the Philippine Army and salutes not just serving the primary purpose of National depends but for being instrumental in this human capacity building. President Gascon assured that this MOU signing is not only defined the responsibility of each party but more importantly it will strengthen and continue the better affiliation of the organization. BSU is looking forward to working with Phil. Army and meet together with the mutual goal.
  • Followed by Virtual MOU signing with President Gascon, EVP Teody San Andres, VP Research, and Extension Engr. Magsakay together with LTC Felix Valdez, LTC Alberto Valenzuela, Dean Keno, CIT Faculty and Guest.
  • Virtual Photo Opportunity
  • For the closing remarks, Engr. Magsakay gave his acknowledgment and thanking allies for the new partnership.
  • MOU virtual ceremony end at exactly 12nn. Sept. 20, 2020.
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