Center for Psychological Wellness

Who we are

The Center for Psychological Wellness

The Center for Psychological Wellness was conceived hand-in-hand with the offering of BS Psychology program and through the able and competent leadership of then dean Reynaldo S. Naguit in 2008.The initial center was manned by a clinical psychologist – a faculty member too of the college who was collaborating with other Psychology faculty members in performing the mandate of the center. Trainings were afforded to equip the center head and others who share in the toil. When the center was ready, it then received clients and patients both within and outside the university free of charge. For every client, initial profiling is made, and then psychological assessment that would determine the kind of intervention to render. Interventions are counseling, psychotherapy and psychoeducation. Read more


A leading hub for innovations, technical support services for the food industry in Region III “transforming concepts into products”.


It is in the above-stated university goals that the Center for Psychological
Wellness strategically anchors on, and to ensure among other things:

  • Psychologically profiling the institution’s work force;
  • Describe the institution’s Mental health status;
  • Design responsive and relevant programs; and
  • Sustain mentally healthy populace.


  • Mold the hearts of people into simpler yet sustaining noble desires for mankind;
  • Promote the mental health of the people in the region;
  • Prevent whenever possible pathological reactions amongst people;
  • Intervene where needed thru counseling and psychotherapy; and
  • Extend its services by linkaging and networking.

The CSSP Center for Psychological Wellness is utilized for the housing of psychological test materials, for psychological assessment, interview of clients, and interventions in the form of counseling, play therapy, Cognitive Behavior therapy and other appropriate psychotherapy. Also, trainings and equipping seminars and workshops are facilitated by the Center. The center had accommodated interns both in the graduate and undergraduate levels as there were increasing number of clients and therefore concerns and tasks. Other colleges put up a similar center but admits limitations to the rendering of appropriate psychological assessment and intervention.


The new BulSU Center for Psychological Wellness is under the umbrella of the Research Development and Innovation Operations (RDIO) of the University. Being the first in the region, it will cater to the psychological welfare of the region from the university to the community onwards to the level of the region. It is the first of its kind that sees the deeper need of the community anchored on the ‘heart’ of people. The Center is multidisciplinary behavioral healthcare focusing on students, work force, families and children in region 3 communities. The BulSU-RDIO-CPW offers psychological
assessment, professional consultation to individuals, families, school districts, agencies, and other interested institutions.


The BulSU-RDIO-CPW is a mental health practice dedicated to providing quality, comprehensive counseling services to the surrounding community. The practice is comprised of licensed professionals (psychologists, social workers and mental health counselors) working collaboratively to maintain a safe and comfortable setting in which clients can identify, work toward and achieve emotional and behavioral goals.


At BulSU-RDIO-CPW, our goal is to provide a relaxing environment that allows anyone to leave their stressors of everyday life, such that they would be free to focus on finding solutions for their real difficulties. Although there would be unexpected circumstances that may sometimes cause a delay, it is assured that quality services will be rendered as recognized.