Development & Innovation Office

Development & Innovation

We are the service arm of Bulacan State University that fulfills its fundamentally mandated development & innovation function.


We envision a sustainable future.

Development and Innovation Office has provided short and long – term goals to achieve the aforementioned objective of the University.
To support these goals, the Development and Innovation is classified into two divisions, the Regional Development Centers and the BulSU Sparks Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The 10 Regional Center will surely unleash the potential of the University in regards of innovation, research, and income generation. The anticipated output in every Development Center will inevitably bring success to the University. For this to happen, they will have a Knowledge/Technology Transfer Division that will cascade existing and newly develop products & services this will be the general framework for all the Development Centers. While the BulSU Sparks Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will handle all major marketing and commercialization strategy for all the product and services that will be developed by other centers although individual center will still have a mechanism to offer its services and generate income. Thus, a detail plan that synchronizes the sustainable mechanism of all the innovation centers and BulSU Sparks marketing and commercialization strategy will be crafted.

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The Development and Innovation Office mainly aims to conduct research studies for the creation of new knowledge that leads to the development of human capital and social transformation within and beyond institutional premises and will uphold the core values of honesty, integrity, and service.

  • Formulate policies, guidelines, and mechanisms in the conduct of development and research activities in the University.
  • Provide leadership and set directions for development & innovation through the RDCs and IECs.
  • Create support systems and efficient processes to increase engagement in development & innovation.
  • Develop, manage and maintain a database of development & Innovation activities.
  • Review and recommend the approval of project proposals espoused by the RDCs, IECs, and Academic Units of the University.
  • Monitor and evaluate programs and projects of Research & Development Centers and Innovation & Entrepreneurial Centers.
  • Build partnerships with private or public agencies, industries, and other educational institutions.
  • Enhance, manage and protect the intellectual property interests of the RDCs, IECs, and collaborating researchers.
  • Promote ethical and responsible conduct of all development & innovation activities.

Program Components

To provide focus and alignment to its innovation efforts, the Bulacan State University DIO identified five (5) development program components.


This development program component deals with Educational Workspace Development Program, ...Educational & Employment Accessibility Digitization Program, Physiological and Psychological Development Program, Immersive Interaction and Historical Preservation for Museo ng Republika ng 1899.

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This development program component deals with Crop Production and Management ...Digitization Program, Digital Crop Simulation Program, Technology Development for Agriculture and Aquaculture.

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This development program component deals with Technological Framework Development Program, ...Integrated Systems Development Program, Regional Mapping and Analysis Program, Industrial Robot Development Program, Military Robot Development Program, Process Improvement and Automation Program, Green Campus Development Program.

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This development program component deals with Innovation Ecosystem for SUCs III, ...Roadmap Development for SUC III Research and Innovation, SUC III Training Programs, SUC Workforce Management Plan for Research and Development, Regional Integrated Systems for Partnership and Collaboration, Digitization of Document Archiving for Partnership and Collaboration, Regional API Economy Framework.

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This development program component deals with Institutional Security Management Program, ...Institutional Information Security Management System, Institutional Security Intelligent System, Institutional Security Operations Plan, Regional Disaster Risk Reduction Management Program, Typhoon Resiliency Master Plan, Flood Resiliency Master Plan, Earthquake Resiliency Master Plan, Pandemic Resiliency Master Plan, Climate Change Adaptation Program, Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Initiatives, Responsible Consumption and Recycling Initiatives, Sustainable Transportation Framework.

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Regional Development Centers


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers


Meet the Team

Al Justin Geronimo, MEE

Director, Development and Innovation Office

Gabriel Angelo V. Pascual, MEE

Center Manager, FABLAB

Jesse Edwin V. Gueco, MSIT

Center Manager, ISPIR & CNG

Lena N. Cañet

Center Manager, FIC

Edilberto Larin Jr.

Center Manager, CBS

Leandro Villaluz

OIC-Center Manager, RECON

Jerome B. Bagsic, MEE

Center Manager, CIP

Nemuel Giron, ECE

Center Manager, TIP & BARAS TBI

Erus Angelo Lumague, MBA

Center Manager, SBI

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