Center for Bulacan Studies


Who we are

The CBS Center

The Center for Bulacan Studies promotes the conservation and protection of cultural heritage and history and hand-in-hand in conducting research, programs, and projects on potential significant sites in Bulacan together with the participation of the government and non-government institutions The Center for Bulacan Studies is a dedicated research center for protecting and promoting the cultural heritage of Bulacan and discovering new knowledge for a much deeper understanding of Bulakeño’s identity. Read more


  • Be a learning Center in Bulacan where resources and information needed by any Filipino who wants to know more about the province can be found;
  • Cultivate nationalism and patriotism among the Bulakeños;
  • Establish and support their participation on significant researches concerning Bulacan.
  • Partake in nation building which transcends to the development of the society and the whole country.


  • To unite every Bulakenyo scholars and made them impart their knowledge in introducing the Province of Bulacan, and to instill in their minds that every Bulakenyo is not only a part of a single unit but of a greater nation;
  • To help other financially challenge scholars continue and pursue their unfinished researches;
  • To gather and collect all significant documents from other cities and municipalities in Bulacan and become a reliable research Center;
  • To conduct programs, interviews, and conferences about Bulacan;
  • To encourage partnership with other individuals and institutions having the same interest in
    history, development and cultural heritage and promote their participation in significant
    research related to Bulacan; and
  • To propagate influence on local programs and aid the Provincial Government in making social regulations, participate in building social foundations for community and national


  • Encourage the Bulakeño scholars to share their expertise in introducing Bulacan province and instill in their minds that Bulakeños are not only part of Bulacan but of the larger Filipino nation;
  • Help other scholars to carry out their research without funding; Gather documents from various towns and cities of Bulacan for a more factual and accurate study of Center; and
    Conduct programs, interviews, discussions, palihan, and conferences about Bulacan;
  • Build a relationship with individuals who are interested in history, culture, nature, and other matters about Bulacan, as well as other institution in the province with the same purpose of the Center and; Influence the cultural programs of various towns and create social policies in the province using history, culture, nature, and Bulakeños society.