Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Control Center

Training of Omron Collaborative Robot - Part 2
Who we are

The ARIC Center

The Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Control Center serve as a hub for Innovations, Research, and Development of robotics and intelligent systems. With the ARIC Center, the innovative technologies, relevant support services, technical expertise, necessary infrastructure, and facility; will be more accessible for communities, establishments, and institutions.


A leading hub for innovations and development of robotics and intelligent systems for the communities and industries of Region III “transforming people’s lives through Industry 4.0”


Commit to providing innovative technologies and relevant support services to contribute to the inclusive and sustained development of the communities and industries.


  • To obtain patents for innovative designs, projects, and products of the center.
  • To develop and implement robotics and intelligent systems for society.
  • To facilitate the Technology Transfer of developed products of the center throughout the region of Central Luzon.
  • To improve the work and environment of the community and industry that engaged in business, manufacturing, medical, and even in risk-disaster management.
  • To provide relevant support services and consultation for the clients and beneficiaries of the center.

Our Services


Development and implementation of different types of robotic systems for the betterment of people’s lives throughout Central Luzon.


Innovation of machines and management services for its operability, availability, and affordability to the community and industry.


Optimization of developed products, digital smart assistance, and intelligent management platforms for the community and industry.


  • ARIC Equipments

    Training of Omron Collaborative Robot