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Bulacan State University (BulSU) through the efforts of the Extension Services Office awarded as the First Prize Winner in the 2021 National Volunteer Month VolunTINIG: Volunteer’s March Song Translation Contest during the National Economic Development Agency (NEDA) Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency’s Awarding Ceremony on the Search for Outstanding Covid-19 Volunteers held on November 17, 2021, at Bulacan State University Valencia Hall. BulSU competed with various entries from all regions. The Institution was also cited as one of the regional finalists for the Group Category as well as Dr. Elizabeth A. Chua for the individual category.

The Philippine Government has designated the month of December as the National Volunteer Month (NVM) as stated in Proclamation no. 55 s. 1998 signed by the then President of the Philippines, Hon. Joseph Ejercito Estrada recognizes the important role of volunteerism in nation-building.

Through the NVM celebration, the successes and causes of volunteer individuals are promoted. This year’s event carried the theme, “Volunteer Now: Spark Hope; Create Solutions and Respond to Pandemic Challenges” aligned with our current fight against the Covid19 Pandemic encouraging all Filipinos to be part of the solution in combating the crisis through volunteerism.


December 7, 2021-Bulacan State University through the Project Fostering Robust Organic Agriculture Sustainable Technology (FROAST) officially donated 3 units of water pumps and 1 unit of Dehydrator among the selected beneficiaries of FROAST. Deeds of donation were formally signed during the event. Present at the signing is selected BulSU Administrators led by the University President, Dr. Cecilia S. Navasero Gascon. Also present at the signing is the Vice President for Research Development and Extension, Engr. Erwin DR. Magsakay; Dr. Elizabeth A. Chua, Director for Extension Services and Project Leader of FROAST; Ms. Noemi F. Gatchalian, Assistant Director for Extension Support Services; Dr. Emerlita S. Naguiat, Dean of the College of Business Administration and Prof. Maria S. Bulaong, Dean of the College of Arts and Letters.

The recipients of the 3 units of gasoline-operated water pumps are the organic farm associations, Samahan ng Mamamayan para sa Kalikasan ng Biak na Bato (SAMAKABA); IPs Asean; and Briquettor Association of the Philippines Inc. while the Munting Paraiso ni Yoly Farm received the Food Dehydrator.

The duration of the agreement will be valid for a period of one year.

After the awarding ceremony is the training on Discovery and Production of Organic Novel Products attended by selected BulSU representatives and partner farm associations. It was facilitated by Ms. Yolanda C. Riguer, Trainer and Owner of Munting Paraiso ni Yoly Farm. She demonstrated how to dehydrate various herbs namely, Tarragon, Hibiscus, and Gotu Cola, these vitamin-enriched herbs can be used as the main components of tea. There was also a cooking demonstration of organic pasta using freshly-picked farm ingredients.

As of now, Ms. Yolanda C. Riguer is still in the process of improving and crafting organic novel products. Also present in the event are selected faculty members from the College of Business Administration; The College of Science; and selected staff from OVPRDE and the College of Arts and Letters.


December 8-9, 2021– A lecture seminar on the basic use of GPS (Global Positioning System) tracker dubbed as GPS 101: Knowing Where You Are and Where You Are Going was conducted by FROAST Bulacan. It is a 2-day activity composed of lectures and hands-on exercises.

The topic was expounded by Dr. Luis F. Mencias, Senior Lecturer at the University of the Philippines Diliman and also a proprietor for Blue Water Consultancy and Services, a non-governmental agency that specializes in the creation of tourism master plans. Mr. Mencias took his post-graduate studies at Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University Marine Laboratory, Beaufort, North Carolina, USA.

Included in his notable works are the on-going projects, Tourism Master Plan for Claver, Surigao Del Norte and the GIZ ProCoast Business Planning for Centers of Learning in Sagay Marine Reserve, Negros Occidental; Taklong Island National Marine Reserve, Guimaras; Katunggan It Ibajay, Aklan and Katunggan Ecopark, Leganes Iloilo.

The participants for this 2-part seminar are selected faculty members and personnel from Bulacan State University as well as various organic farmers in the province.

GPS is a global navigation satellite system that provides location, velocity, and time synchronization. It can help you in getting where you are going from point A to B.

GPS is composed of 3 segments such as space, ground control, and user’s equipment. It is a dependable tool that can be used in various industries. These include by not limited to surveyors, pilots, scientists, boat captains, and agricultural practitioners.

In addition to the usage of the GPS is to monitor an object or person’s movement; another is to take precise measurements of time and also in creating maps.

During the 1st day, the discussion focused on the following points:

 1. Echolocation or the biosonar

2. Human’s natural navigations using the sun, stars; landmarks, LORAN, magnetic compass, and GPS.

3. The functions, usage, limitations, and proper care for the GPS

4. Basic information on maps, cardinal points, magnetic north, latitude and longitude, map scale, and legends.

On the last day of online training initiated by FROAST Bulacan entitled, GPS 101: Knowing Where You Are and Knowing Where You Are Going, Mr. Luis F. Mencias gave an emphasis discussion on the following points:

1. Navigational Basis

2. Terminology

3. Keypad Usage

4. Marking locations and navigating to a destination using the GPS tracker

This training is part of the technological component of FROAST— capacitating not only the faculty members and personnel but also our brothers and sisters in the agricultural sector.

An idea of how to use a GPS tracker can simplify agricultural and farming tasks such as cultivating, fertilizing, pest control, and harvesting.

In her closing speech, Dr. Elizabeth A. Chua, Director for Extension Services and Project Leader for FROAST gave her heartfelt gratitude to all the participants who joined the 2-day lecture.


22 December 2021– Second batch of selected FROAST beneficiaries has received a simple boost to aid their operations in the improvement of their farmlands to produce higher quality organic products.  They were awarded various farm equipment such as Food Dehydrator, Water Pump, Shoulder Brush Cutter, and Power Cultivator. The ceremonial signing was held at BulSU Hostel, City of Malolos, Bulacan.

The deeds of donations were signed by the BulSU Officials headed by the University President, Dr. Cecilia N. Gascon, and FROAST beneficiaries namely, 4Cs Farm; Samahan ng mga Magsasaka at Guro sa Institusyon (SAMGI); Angela’s GGES Farm and Training Center Inc.; Agribusiness Farm Workers Entrepreneur Association; The Briquettor Association of the Philippines Inc.; Noi’s Rabbit Farm, BIO Farm and Training Center lnc., Felisodro Farm; and Bulacan Association of Natural Farmers (BANAFAR).

The ceremony for the Deed of Donation Signing was also graced by Engr. Erwin DR. Magsakay, Vice President for Research Development and Extension; Dr. Elizabeth A. Chua, Director for Extension Services and FROAST Project Leader;  Dr. Emerlita S. Naguiat, Dean of the College of Business Administration; and Prof. Maria S. Bulaong, Dean of the College of Arts and Letters.

Selected faculty and FROAST members from the College of Business Administration and personnel were also present at the ceremony.

To make the event more special and to feel the spirit of Christmas, the organic growers also received blue bags of love from Dr. Cecilia N. Gascon in time for this Yuletide season.

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