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Bulacan State University established its own version of a community pantry for all Bulakenyos. Dubbed Hapag sa Bahay Kubo ni BulSU, it mainly offers various kinds of vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals promoting a healthy lifestyle for all. The pantry opened its doors to the public on April 26, 2021. Initially, the pantry is a week-long activity but eventually, its operation has been extended for the purpose of making it a sustainable action.

At present, this endeavor has served a total of 3, 982 beneficiaries. 3, 344 or 83% of the total number of beneficiaries came from the LGUs while 619 or the remaining 17% came from the BulSU Community. Out of 51 Barangays in Malolos, hapag has already catered to 26 of them. This extension project gathered a total of P116, 180.00 in monetary donations from BulSU Community and other connections outside our Institution. Aside from cash, other commodities were also shared. These in-kind donations have an estimated amount of P318, 832.70.

Its operation was made possible through the efforts of the whole BulSU Community starting from its program proponent, our University President, Dr. Cecilia N. Gascon; the Vice President for Research Development and Extension, Engr. Erwin DR. Magsakay as the Assistant Program Proponent; Director for Extension Services Dr. Elizabeth A. Chua who act as the overall supervisor and organizer of the program; also through its assisting colleges, the College of Science and College of Business Administration under the supervision of their Deans, Dr. Thelma V. Pagtalunan and Dr. Emerlita S. Naguiat respectively as well as its cooperating colleges and campuses namely, The College of Industrial Technology; the College of Information and Communications Technology; the College of Nursing; the College of Engineering, the College of Social Science and Philosophy; the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management; the College of Architecture and Fine Arts; the College of Arts and Letters; the College of Criminal Justice Education; the College of Education; the College of Sports Exercise and Recreation; the BulSU Graduate School; BulSU Hagonoy Campus; BulSU Bustos Campus; BulSU Sarmiento Campus; and BulSU Meneses Campus under the supervision of their Deans correspondingly specifically, Dr. Warlito M. Galita; Dr. Keno C. Piad; Dr. Gina D. Panganiban; Dr. Ma. Magdalena V. Gatdula; Dean Sherwin M. Pariñas; Dr. Aimee Grace M. Madlangbayan; Ar. Godesil G. Lejarde; Dean Maria S. Bulaong; Atty. Joseph M. Inocencio; Dr. Emelita G. Laganao; Dean Resurreccion M. Marcelo; Dr. Felicidad A. Eleogo; Dr. Ciriaco M. Garcia; Dr. Lorelei DG. Consuelo; and Dr. Alberto J. Valenzuela. The team also includes Assistant Directors, Program Heads, and staff members under the Extension Services Office namely, Assistant Director for Extension Support Services Noemi F. Gatchalian, MAT, and Bernadette P. Yalong, JD who both facilitated and assisted through the whole event; Program Head for Alagang Bayani, Dr. Remigio R. Musca who is in charge of the promotion; the Program Head for Daloy ng Kalikasan, Ms. Debbie Ann S. Tuazon who helped in the repacking and donation; Program Heads for Sambalaran and Daupan, Ms. Ma. Antonina DC. Santiago and Mr. Fernando P. Dela Cruz who are both in-charged in repacking and donation; Head for Moog, Ms. Jennifer C. Iganacio for promotion; the following ESO Staff members namely, Ms. Nanette M. Caspe, for Documentation and Registration, and Mr. Allen Levin DC. Bautista who assisted in the repacking and donation as well as Ms. Krizzia Franz

V. Gonzales, staff under the Institute of Environmental Governance who’s in charge for the video and photo documentation together with Mr. Daniel A. Chua, project-based staff member under FROAST. And also the assistance of other Project-Based Staff Members under FROAST namely, Ms. Mialyn A. Cadiente and Ms. Rose Ann G. Buenaventura for Administrative/Financial Reports and for Documentation and Donation respectively. Moreover, to the hard work of other Bahay Kubo Pantry Committee members which includes the National Service Training Program faculty members under the supervision of Dr. Marvin R. Tullao; the BulSU Infirmary under Dr. Joselito Alday; the College/Campus Extension Service Unit (CESU) Heads; BulSU Non-Academic Personnel Association through its President, Ms. Melinda Navarro; and the BulSU Security Officers under their Executive Director, Col. Manuel B. Delgado.

Mutual aids were extended by the whole BulSU community – from the faculty members and non-academic personnel of Main and External Campuses. Other help was given by private companies, anonymous donors, and private individuals.

The pantry is a way to help the underprivileged to put decent and healthy food in their tables despite this time of crisis. It is also a symbol of “Bayanihan” because of sharing what we have no matter how small or big it is which is reflected in its theme, “Damayan para sa Iyo at sa Kanila.”

Hapag sa Bahay Kubo ni BulSU is also a collaboration with the Rotary Club of Malolos Republic through its President, Mr. Jonathan Gabinera; its members and organizer, CBA faculty Member, and CESU Head, Ms. Crystalyn R. Lumague.

Hapag sa Bahay Kubo ni BulSU Summary of Beneficiaries

DateCollege/Office InvolvedTotal No. of     Beneficiari esLGU InvolvedComposition of       Beneficiaries  LGU  BulSU
April 26, 2021CBA;CS;ESO; NSTP;Clinic244Various Barangays in Malolos and other nearby municipalitiesResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community17074
April 27, 2021CBA;CS;ESO; NSTP;clinic, CIT and CICT280Santisima Trinidad and Sumapang Matanda, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community22060
April 28, 2021CBA;CS;ESO; NSTP;Clinic, CSER; CSSP;CON380Catmon and  San Gabriel, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community260120
April 29, 2021CBA;CS;ESO; NSTP;Clinic;C AFA;NAPA339Sumapang Bata and     Pinagbakahan, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community25089
April 30, 2021CBA;CS;ESO; NSTP;Clinic;C SSP;COE;CHT M499Brgy. Mojon, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community372127
May 5, 2021CBA; CS; ESO; Meneses Campus; Clinic;273Brgy. Bulihan and Longos, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community23934
May 12, 2021CBA;CS;ESO; Hagonoy Campus;Clinic ;226Brgy. San Agustin and Guinhawa, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community18640
May 19, 2021CBA;CS;ESO; Sarmiento Campus;Clinic ;249Brgy. Liang and Caingin, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community2409
May 26, 2021CBA;CS;ESO; Bustos Campus;Clinic ;211Brgy. San Vicente and Caniogan, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community19813
June 3, 2021ESO, CBA, CS100Brgy. Sto. Nino, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangay1000
June 9, 2021ESO, CBA, CS178Brgy. San Juan and Sto. Rosario, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community1708
June 16, 2021ESO, CBA, CS176Brgy.  Mabolo and Cofradia, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community14333
June 23, 2021ESO, CBA, CSER165Brgy. Canalate, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community15312
June 25, 2021ESO, CBA, CIT, IEG, CS120Brgy. Pamarawan City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays1200
June 30, 2021COE- CBA; CS; ESO-IEG156Brgy. Santiago, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays1560
July 7, 2021CHTM – CBA-CS-ESO – IEG150Brgy. Atlag, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays1500
July 14, 2021CON – CBA – CS – ESO – IEG100Brgy. Sto. Cristo, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community946
July 21, 2021CICT – CBA – CS – ESO – IEG136Brgy. Bagna, City of Malolos, BulacanResidents of Barangays and BulSU Community12313
Total: 3, 98226 Barangays 3344638

For the first day of the “Bahay Kubo”, a spread of varied vegetables and other healthy commodities with witty titles such as, “Bet na Bet na Pinakbet; “Patola at Miswa Surprise”; “Amazing Chopseuy ng Lucban; “High-grade Rice” and “Sweet Watermelon and Singkamas” to name a few awaits the fortunate beneficiaries.

Dr. Cecilia N. Gascon, BulSU President (Right), checked the commodities offered by the Bahay Kubo to ensure their quality.
In the photo: Dr. Elizabeth A. Chua, Director of ESO, and Dr. Mary Ann P. Carranza, Executive Director for External Relations and Internationalization
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