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Research Development and Extension
RDE Cybernetics Management System
DIO CYBERNETICS Regional Development Centers
DIO SPARKS Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers
Research Management Office
Extension Services Office
CYBERNETICS Regional Development Centers
Center Description
For Educational Development, Research and Management Center
For Heritage and Indigenous Communities
For Health and Wellness
For Complex and Advanced Environmental Science and Agricultural Research
For Advance Robotics and Intelligent Control
For Curvature and New Gravity / Geographic Information System
For Electronics and Control Systems Research
For Fabrication and Manufacture
For Information System and Process Improvement Research
For Energy Systems Development Research
Network Center for Strategic Connectivity for Alliance and Development
Center for Resiliency and Continuity
SPARKS Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers
Center Description
Technology Innovation Program
Business Innovation Program
Social Innovation Program
Technology Business Incubation Hub
Social Business Incubation Hub
Technology Social Incubation Hub
BARAS Technology Business Incubator
Center Bulacan Studies
Analytical Testing Laboratory
Food Innovation Center
Research Management Office
RMO Program Component 1
RMO Program Component 2
RMO Program Component 3
RMO Program Component 4
RMO Program Component 5
University Research Ethics Office (UREO)
University Journal Publications Office (UJPO)
University Innovation and Technology Support Office (U-ITSO)
Intellectual Property Office
Extension Services Office
ESO Program Component 1
ESO Program Component 2
ESO Program Component 3
ESO Program Component 4
ESO Program Component 5
Institute of Environmental Governance
Gender and Development Center