The Cybernetics - Sparks Center

The Development and Innovation Office (DIO) has provided short and long-term goals to achieve the objective of the Bulacan State University (BulSU), which is to become the leading Research, Innovative, and Income-Generating University not only in the Region but also in the entire nation, under the vision, mission, and goals of the University as well as the Development and Innovation Office. The Development and Innovation Office is divided into two divisions called BulSU Twins to support these goals: the Cybernetics Regional Development Centers and the Sparks Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers.


The Cybernetics Regional Development Centers unleash the University’s potential for innovation, research, and income generation. Every Cybernetics Regional Development Center’s projected output potentially leads to the University’s success through the Knowledge/Technology Transfer Division that will cascade existing and newly developed products and services. It will serve as the general framework for all Development Centers.


The Sparks Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers handle major marketing and commercialization strategies for the products and services developed by Cybernetics Regional Development Centers. Likewise, the twelve (12) Cybernetics Regional Development Centers still have a mechanism to offer their services and generate an income. A detailed plan that synchronizes the sustainable process of the Cybernetics Regional Development Centers and Sparks Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center’s marketing and commercialization strategy is the focus of Sparks Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.


Regional Development Centers


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers