International Conference on Business, Education, Science and Technology

"Fostering Innovation and Collaboration: Bridging Business, Education, Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future"

21-23 October 2024

Bulacan State University, Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines

Bulacan State University will host the International Conference on Business, Education, Science, and Technology (ICBEST) on October 21-23, 2024.                 The conference will serve as a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences among experts, researchers, and educators from various institutions locally and globally. This event will also create opportunities for research engagement, networking and generation of innovative ideas to support sustainable development.

The conference is an initiative of the Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension, and Innovation in collaboration with the BulSU Internalization Office, Graduate Education Association of Public Higher Education Institutions (GEAPHEI), and Oxford Journal of Technology, Arts, Sciences, and Knowledge (OJTASK).

Proposed Conference Tracks

Emerging Technologies and Innovations

Multidisciplinary Research in Global Health

Data Science and Analytics

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

Innovative in Education and Learning

Advancement in Biomedical Research

Robotics and Automation

Digital Transformation in Business and Industry

Smart Cities and Urban Development

Social Sciences and Humanities Research

Materials Science and Engineering Innovations

Renewable Energy

Emerging Technology and Applications

Machine Learning

Distributed AI

Education & Pedagogy

Learning Theory

Climate Change and Adaptation

Biodiversity and Management of Natural Resources

Diagnostic and Prevention of Human Diseases

Industry Assistance towards Efficient Production

Restructuring Society and Understanding Culture

Data Mining


July 15, 2024 to August 15, 2024 Submission of Abstracts
August 19-23, 2024 Notification of Acceptance
September 1-15, 2024 Early Bird Registration
September 16-30, 2024 Regular Registration
October 10, 2024 Submission of Full Paper